Wall Monitor Mount

Product Code PC301

PC301 with 2-part arm structure enables the monitor to extend further out to improve the viewing experience, users are able to work comfortably by adjusting monitor’s height, deth, and angle. Afterwards, fold the arm and push aside while more space or the break time is needed.


StablitySecure and fasten valuable monitor or dispaly aganist the wall to prevent accidental crashes.

ComfortTilting angles can be adjusted upwards and downwards to cater for users' viewing experience.

FunctionalityCustomized settings is easily achieved with 180° horizontal movement and 360° individual screen rotaiton.

AccessibilityArticulating arm structure helps to shorten or extend the viewing distance.

Space Revival Setting up without the need for worktops and making good use of small or corner space. .

Easy installationApply the wall mount against the wall and then connect the screen with the vesa plate on the other end till fastened. Job done.


Screen CompatibilitySuits the monitor ≦27"

Vesa75x75 mm, 100x100 mm

Capacity3.8-8.1 kgs/ 8.4-17.8 lbs

TiltUP 90°; Down 45°



  • Manual Adjustment.
  • Stay still where positioned. 
  • No electricity required.
  • Environmentally-friendly. 

【Standard Pack】Aluminum arm set (with vesa plate) x 1pc
Wall mount set x 1pc


Order with:

  • Articulaiting desk mount for single monitor
  • Floor stand for 7"-10.1" Tablets
  • Articulaiting desk mount for Laptop.