Floor Tall Stand for Tablet of 7" or 10" with fixed size snap-on case

Product Code iPS-7, iPS-10, iPSR-7, iPSR-10

This tall floor stand for tablets not only allows users to set their hands free but immidiately transforms the stand to an interactive station at offices, reading rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, meeting space, reception or information desk. Select from a fixed size of 7" or 10" tablet case to your desire. Also available in 2 shapes of weighted base.

StabilitySecure and fasten valuable tablets onto the stand to prevent accidental crashes.

Mount the valuable tablets onto the holder so as to set the hands free.

FlexibilityTilting angles can be adjusted upwards, downwards and horiozontally to cater for users' viewing experience with 360° screen rotation.

EasinessEasy release buttons are available to help mount the tablet case or dismount it for portability.

Customized settings can be set by adjusting the viewing angles and distance.

MobilityEasily set up a mobile iteractive station without being permanently fixed at any spot.


Compatible ModelsiPad, Tab, Kindle and any other tablet size of 7" OR 10".

Compatibility Select from a fixed snap-on tablet case of 7" OR 10".

VarietyChoose iPS-U for the standard weighted base. 
Choose iPSR-U for the rectangle-shaped weighted base.

TiltUpwards 85°; Downwards 84°


Articulating Arm Swivel360°

Screen Rotation360°


  • Manual Adjustment.
  • Stay still where positioned. 
  • No electricity required. Environmentally-friendly. 

【Standard Pack】
Arm x 1pc
Adjustable tube x 1pc
Botton tube x1pc
Base x 1pc
Counter Weight x1pc
Supporting Cap x1pc
7" OR 10" fixed size tablet snap-on case x 1pc
Knob x 1pc

 Rectangle-shpaed Weighted Base


Order with:

  • Articulating arm mount clamp for tablets of 7" or 10". 
    iPD-7, iPD-10
  • 3-in-1 Tablet Holder & Stand. 
    iPKD-U; iPKD-7, iPKD-10
  • Floor Stand for tablets with expandable snap-on case. 
    iPS-U or iPSR-U