Height Adjustable Desk and Monitor Mount Manufacturer

Professional Desk Solutions Supplier

C.D.Great Furniture specialized in manufacture electronic peripherals including Height Adjustable Table, Sit-Stand Desks, LCD Monitor Mounts, Tablet & Laptop Solutions, and Office Accessories in both standardized and customized services while conforming to ISO management systems. Ergonomic products from CDG are ideal for office, industrial, school, gaming, or home markets.

Vision of C.D. Great Furniture

With decades manufacture and export experience, our aim is to become a provider of a variety of options while high durability of each of our product is ensured, easy installation and eye-catching appearance fulfilled.

  • Functional and Eye-catching Product Design
  • Quality Ensured and Perfect Durability
  • Professional & Reliable OEM Partner
  • Good Customer Service
  • Constant Innovation