Under-Desk CPU Holder

Product Code SP401

This CPU holder works perfectly with standing desks or workstations in a height-adjustable setting. With our swiveling CPU holder, users are able to save up space for more comfortable sitting experience by maintaining the computer tower beneath the desk. It also allow the movement when desk is in height-adjusting process.

SafetyStore and hide the PC or server underneath the tabletop to prevent damage or hazards caused due to all-time floor attachment or accidental disconnection. 

FlexibilityLength and width of the holder are both adjustable to fit for various sizes of the tech devices stored. 

Head Piece connnection not only provides mounting fastening and supports to the holder but also allows 360° horizontal movement to give acesses from all the possible angles. 

OrganizationalEasily manage and hide the valuable tech device underneath the table to avoid messy looks from the outside, an optimal choice for a minimalism- or simplism-focused space.   

Space SavingLeaving the floor space clean and tidy with more legroom for healthy body strech and circulation.   

DesignThe simple case offers a slim design with open compartment airy space for tech devices without being overheated.   



ApplicationAny tabletops or worktops allow screw fastening. 

Weight Capacity22 lbs/10 kgs

Device Capacity Width 90-240 mm; Height 365-565 mm; Depth free

Head Connecting Piece Swivel360°

Material Aluminum


  • Manual Installation and Adjustment.

【2-Part Standard Pack】
Main Compartment x 1pc
Hardware Kit x 1pc


Order with:

  • Sit Stand Desk Converter Riser.
  • Electric 2-Leg Height Adjustable Desk Frame. 
  • Electric 3-Leg Height Adjustable Desk Frame.
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