iPKD Three-in-one 3-in-1 Tablet Holder Stand Mount with Wxpandable Snap-on Case

Product Code iPKD-U (7"-10.1")

CDG's iPKD is a clever design for users with various needs. Its transformative constrution allows it to be used as a stand on a flattened surface or to be mouted against the wall or underneath the cabinet or cupboard for diversified application. iPKD-U provides a flexible fit for any tablet size from 7" to 10.1", perfect choice for a household or a common room where personal tablets can be set up easily without limitation to any specific size.

ConvenienceMount the valuable tablets onto the holder so as to set the hands free.

FlexibilityTilting angles can be adjusted upwards, downwards and horiozontally to cater for users' viewing experience with 360° screen rotation.

FunctionalityCustomized settings can be easily achieved with either use as a stand or a mount against the wall or underneath the cabinet. 

Easy release buttons are available to help mount the tablet case or dismount it for portability. Side button is also available to easily adjust the fitting size at different stages. 

PortabilityLightweight and easy to store or carry on the go.



Compatible ModelsiPad, Tab, Kindle and other tablet size of 7"-10.1"

VarietyFits any tablet size of 7"-10.1"

TiltUpwards 85°; Downwards 84°


Screen Rotation360°

Articulating Arm Swivel360°

Screen Rotation



  • Manual Adjustment.
  • 3 ways of transformation. 
  • No electricity required. Environmentally-friendly. 

【Standard Pack】
Screen Holder x 1pc
Stand x 1pc
Mount Base x 1pc

7" OR 10" fixed size snap-on cases


Order with:

  • Floor Tall Stand for tablets.
    iPS-U; iPS-7; iPS-10
  • Articulating arm mount clamp for tablets.
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