Monitor Holders

CDG manufactures and supplies three types of versatile monitor holders with slick designs. CDG monitor holders help the user adjust the angle and the height of a mounted monitor to a proper position. They also help the user manage work more easily and efficiently.

Our monitor holder series include tablet holders and monitor holders with a clamp base, and monitor holders with a grommet base. The iPKD tablet holder has a flexible stand, with which the user can use a device hands-free. It helps the user to install a tablet in different positions and locations and transform the tablet into a simple display screen. CDG also manufactures a tablet floor stand, which provides even more flexible tablet application solution. The tablet floor stand transforms a tablet into an interactive information kiosk applicable in various locations such as in a lobby, at a reception or information desk. The tablet floor stand is also practical for home applications, for example, in the living room, in the bedroom, or in the kitchen.

The height-adjustable monitor holder comes with two bases: a clamp base and a grommet base. All SP601 monitor holders, regardless of the base can hold up to two monitors.