Vertical Cable Management Spine Organizer

Product Code SP501

This spine-look cable organizer helps to tidy the wiring and allow users to easily store it along the modern vertical management, leaving the space organized and preventing the hazards from tripping over due to the wires on the floor.

SafetyCollect and hide all the wiring in one place so as to reduce the risks of tripping over or causing damage to its insulating cover. 

FlexibilityJointed management design allows the length to be adjusted to fit for the various heights setting or cables length.  

Easily arrange and organize all the wiring with this collective space to easy manage all the cables. 

DesignThe spinal appearance not only offers a systematic and modern look but also provides hollow and airy space inbetween to prevent overheating.   



ApplicationAny tabletops or worktops allow screw fastening. 

CapacityHollow space is available and accessible from both sides for numerous wires storage even with single organizer.  

Length1.5m (Length can be customized on request and subject to MOQ.)

Weight 1 kg


  • Manual Installation and Adjustment.

【2-Part Standard Pack】
Main Vertical Cable Management with head piece against worktops x 1pc
Floor base set x 1pc


Order with:

  • Sit Stand Desk Converter Riser.
  • Electric 2-Leg Height Adjustable Desk Frame. 
  • Electric 3-Leg Height Adjustable Desk Frame.
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