Markets We Serve

With changing lockdown restrictions that are influenced by pandemic, businesses and organizations may adapt new safeguard to protect every individual’s health. Students and workers may start to return to the organization continuously while some may keep working from home. Our sit-stand desks are flexible for kids, students and adults with height adjustable design and can be adapted easily for everyone in this unpredictable time.
We don’t just make your office look smarter but even healthier. Height adjustability helps to maximize the flexible uses of limited work space. Whether it’s our sit stand range or monitor arms, they’ll fit in nicely in your current work setting while enhancing the collaboration and productivity bearing healthy posture in mind.
Home sweet home has always been the most relaxing and soothing spot to each one of us although comfy posture does not always qualify for healthy posture. To prevent ourselves from suffering from potential illness caused by bad potato couching or working remotely at home, it’s important to set your TV or monitors at the right angles and right heights when needed, whether on the floor, at the coffee table, kitchen work top or on the bed.
CDG manufactures height adjustable furniture and articulating arms to fit for multiple purposes in various settings effortlessly and interactively. These methods can be applied to equipment requiring instant responsive function such as hospital beds, surgical platforms, mobile medical carts or trolleys.
Control and Laboratory
CDG manufactures products with care for specialists and experts in heavy duty scenarios like command room, control center and laboratories with multiple monitors mounted on diversified work tops. Regardless of the scale, multi tasking professionals can easily work with a number of the screens to get the best grip of the data analyses, design images or stock flows and the likes.
We also love to think forward or at least not behind. CDG products work with both sitting and playing a quiet game and standing and getting heated up for exciting games with friends or teammates. Gaming practices take long hours and reflex can be dull after hours of sitting so why not getting up instead?