Height Adjustable Desk & Monitor Mount Manufacturer

C.D. Great Furniture Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies ergonomics-based office furniture, including height-adjustable desks (standing desks), monitor arms/mounts, dual monitor mounts, tablet holders, and other accessories for office furniture.

We are an ODM and OEM furniture supplier specializing in manufacturing user-experience design office furniture. CDG designs and manufactures furniture with ergonomics in mind. Our height-adjustable standing desk solutions and accessories help create a comfortable and productive work environment. CDG furniture facilitates the user's well-being and productivity in a kinetic environment.

  • Variety Solutions to Move You Forward

    CDG design and manufacture human-centered furniture that add flexibility, ergonomic and comfort to life.

  • Rich Resources

    CDG located in Taichung City where there is furniture industrial cluster that allow us easy access to specialty vendors and resources who conform same high standards we shared. With mature and sufficient supply chain capabilities, we are able to respond quickly to each customer's special request and provide flexible service and products to meet customers' requirements.

  • Quality Ensured

    Our Testing Lab facilities equipped with Projection comparator, RoHS Analyzer, fatigue, hardness, endurance and hoisting capability testers. Additionally, every step of the manufacturing process is monitored under supervision to ensure the best quality provided.

  • Reliable OEM Partner

    We have experience, capability, and R&D resources to develop and manufacture OEM products while providing comprehensive solutions for our clients to refine the design, streamline the manufacturing process to reduce costs, making designs possible for manufacturing and appropriate for marketing.

  • Professional & Innovation

    By proactively involved in the international trade fairs for years, engineers and design team at CDG are able to design with forward thinking and present insightful ideas.


Passion for ldeas

We’ve always enjoyed working with designers and innovators with various backgrounds and design motives in the industry for commercial and consumer furniture products and accessories. To achieve that, we make sure to stay on a par with the latest trends and invest greatly in developing our own collection to excel our skills and techniques in practices, for bringing ever more user-friendly and functional designs applicable to a wide range of settings.


Experienced Team

When turning a theoretical design into a consumer product, engineering and testing are crucial to ensure the design deliver how it is designed to perform as well as to what standard the performance shall maintain and for how long the performance shall last. Our experienced engineers and technicians will test products against international industry standards and giving advice to refine the design, streamline the manufacturing process to reduce costs, making designs possible for manufacturing and appropriate for marketing.


Monitored with Efficiency and High Quality

Production is offered with on-time delivery and high quality guaranteed. Quality is strictly monitored at every possible stage: incoming inspection, processing and specifications inspection, end-product inspection and assemblies and packaging regular check-ups and many more. Manufacturing process, quality assurance and lead time promise are inseparable from one another and at CDG, we endeavor to deliver it all at once.

CDG Organization STATS

Factory Facilities



70,000 sq ft.

Years in Business


Professional Staff


Customer Base

50 +